The Players Trust Programme

The Trust identifies the following categories of development in an athlete's career:


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1. Pre-academy/Grassroots talent

• 1:1 mentoring to identify and advise on realistic key milestones
• Short and long-term decision making and preparation
• Impact of non-sporting issues on performance
• Empowering parents and families to be independent decision makers
• Individual player passport

2. The aspiring young player aged 14-18

Achieving a scholarship contract and then the important first professional contract are the players aims here. The Trust identifies such factors as:

• Representation, pitfalls and benefits… real time solutions
• Raising awareness of development dangers
• Ongoing support for parents
• Practical and real media training
• Potential exit strategies
• Managing personal development issues

3. The first and second year professional

• Organising financial stability
• Continued representation, pitfalls and benefits… real time solutions
• Managing continuing career challenges and removing obstacles
• Ongoing support for parents
• Strategies for managing the media
• Potential exit strategies
• Managing personal development issues

4. The established professional

• Maximising image and financial opportunities
• The responsibility of the role model
• Next stage career development
• Working with the media
• Family and the support network
• Managing continuing career challenges

5. The experienced professional

• Future financial security
• Development of next stage career structure
• Maximising opportunities both in and out of the game

6. Life outside of the game - Plan B

• Maximising career opportunities within or outside of the sport
• Development of educational strategies
• Financial planning and wealth protection
• Practical and emotional guidance and support