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A positive parental mindset brings incredible pace to a child’s development

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I am sure that there are many coaches from many different sports who have been asked at various times by parents “Is there anything further I can do to assist my child’s development?” You may have received a positive response or have been met by the opposite polite but firm reaction that “thank you but […]

It’s all in the mindset

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We all want to be viewed as smart, as capable individuals and used as examples of excellence at some times in our lives. How we think for the greatest part determines how we act and how we are influenced has a great bearing on shaping our future thoughts and actions. Why is mindset so important […]

Understanding the modern game…. Does it really help?

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Watching our children play football for the school, their local club or in some cases a professional academy can often be an emotionally charged spectacle. But as an onlooker are we truly watching a game that we really understand?After all football is just a game where we kick a ball and just run after it, […]