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Providing protection for athletes in the modern sporting environment

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The football world presently finds itself in a place of real catastrophe. The recent revelations have brought to the attention of the world the increasing concerns over the protection of minors within sports. In addition, it has emphasised the apparent lack of control that the authorities have over young athlete and pastoral care. Parents have […]

A question of representation?

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The question of representation for young players is one that generates a genuine concern for all with an interest in the modern game. Modern representation is now the responsibility of registered FA Intermediaries. To many supporters and others with an interest in the game Intermediaries are commonly referred to as agents. The question that may […]

From bench to springboard – turning career blows into stepping stones for the future

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The journey for a young player to progress through the ranks and on to potential first team stardom is long and arduous at best. The route to success is not always under a player’s control and often they find themselves in a situation where they must turn the reality of failure into a means of […]