Who Are The Players Trust?

We are a Not For Profit organisation created and supported by a team with extensive experience in both the game of soccer and business.

Our vision, from working in the game for many years, is to equip parents and players with the best possible information on which to decide the future direction of their careers, within the game or through another career path.

From the mentoring programme, in which we offer a service for members to gain access to top quality experience, from one to one and group level, through to our advisory panel where we quality assure a selected range of professional service providers whom members can access support from. The Players Trust also focusses on education – both formal and informal. We provide a crucial support for players at whatever stage of their career development and seek to give them the skills to prosper in life whether this be in football or independent from it. We have an array of formal courses available from our education suite which members can access so whilst they pursue careers whilst also making quality contingency plans.

The Trust will provide a network of advisory support services for players that are second to none ranging from advice and support for personal development to corporate finance with leading edge blue chip companies, legal advice, employment advice and insurance management to name but a few.

In addition, it views as critical its belief in mentoring players and not managing them, where the need for practical advice for young players and parent’s groups is mandatory to its vision, from topic driven webinars that demonstrate advice on contract negotiations, appointing intermediaries etc., to workshops for specific regional or club support.

There will be specific support from web and app access built around registration criteria. The Trust aims to be the major support service for today’s modern player and his immediate support groups important to their development. It has spent time putting together a team with real time experiences and skill sets, in the belief of becoming a twenty first century mentor service for the game and associated governing bodies. It is a Not For Profit organisation, free to members and focussed on ensuring established players, future players and their parents, make decisions about their futures based on the best possible advice – that is truly independent.


Areas We Specialise In

Wealth protection

1:1 distance mentoring
1:1 face-to-face mentoring
Community forum
Lifestyle risks
Practical advice & opportunities

Courses & qualifications
Career development

Mental health
Child protection
Injury prevention & management
Sports science